15 Short Hairstyles For Long Hair Ideas

If you are one of those people who love to experiment with different hair styles for long hair then you will surely love this fabulous short hairstyle. Although the hairstyle looks natural it is made up of the use of clips and wigs. The hairstyle is also called as ‘wrist’ in that it was shaped to fit the wrists. The clip is placed at the center of the head and hair styling products can be used to add a touch of style to the ends of the hair. The clip can be removed with the help of a comb. It is important to keep the hair away from the face when using the clip to style it. It would not look good if the hairstyle is worn on the face.

The short hairstyle is made up of the use of wigs. The wig is made by cutting short lengths of hair and putting them together in such a way that they resemble a ponytail. It is important to get the hair cut short at the scalp because the length of the wig would appear longer if the hair is not cut short at the scalp. The hair can be styled by the use of hairspray and the end of the wig can be put into braids. It is not necessary to dye the wig in order to make it look new. If you are not comfortable with braiding your hair then you can simply style the hair using Bobby pins. A braid can be used to lengthen the hairstyle and to add more volume to the hairstyle.

The hairstyle is actually quite easy to do and does not take much time to achieve. It is best to have someone to do the hair styling for you so that you can get the exact hairstyle. One can also create the look by following the instructions that are given with the wigs. Hair dye can be used to add shine to the hair. Some women use colored contacts to create the look of having long hair. It is important to keep the hair in an upright position and to avoid the use of tangles to avoid the style from looking odd.

Dian Sastroy

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